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If you don't want to read the story then my new account username is Detective-May

Hello, you may know me on Youtube for my "How to catch Spiritomb on Pokemon Diamond", or you might know me from my Death Note motivational posters on here.

Either way, I want to explain why on February 2011. I decided to make a new account and completely abandon this one.

First of all, my username has a rude meaning that I thought was funny at that time. After maturing a bit, I decided that I really needed to fix the username because it was giving me the wrong attention.

At that time you could not change your username with a premium membership. Even if I could, I couldn't afford to buy one and no one ever gave me one. Even so it didn't matter because I wanted to make a new account anyway.

I needed a fresh start. I really do appreciate the amount of followers I got on this account and on Youtube. But I wanted to focus more on my art rather than gaining popularity with my motivational posters.

I also quit video making because at that time, the bad comments from people was too much for a young teenager who wasn't used to the harsh side of the internet.

These were the reasons I needed a new start. If I continued to use this account and post my art here. I would get a variety of good comments from my many followers who only liked it because I was popular at that time as well as some who just hate me for who I was.

Not just from Youtube but from members of the Gorillaz fan group on Gorillaz meebo chat where there was a lot of drama and many friends turning into enemies.

So, I needed a new start and a new name. It was a relief to start fresh without worrying about my haters. Though it was difficult at times as I would often get no messages whereas before on this account I would get at least 50 a day.

But now with all my hard work. My art is getting more well known and I am slowly getting popular. This time I know how to deal with haters and critism.

My past so far hasn't come back to bite me. As my haters have forgotten me and my enemies have grown up. I do miss some of the friends I made in the past but eventually I learned that sometimes you just have to move on and keep going forward.

Thankyou everybody who supported me all these years. It is up to you whether you want to continue to follow the now grown up me.

My name is now Detective-May and I am a digital artist on DeviantART. Thankyou for reading.
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